The Ultimate Comparison between CA and ACCA – Which one to choose?

If you are interested in a career in accounting or finance, you might have heard about two popular qualifications - ACCA and CA. While both of them are widely recognized and respected, choosing between them can be a tough decision. In this blog post, we will compare ACCA and CA in terms of difficulty level, course content, flexibility, recognition, cost, and exam format, to help you make an informed choice.

Difficulty Level

In terms of difficulty level, both certifications are rigorous and require a high level of commitment and dedication. CA is known to be a challenging course, especially in India, where the pass rate is less than 5%. The course consists of three levels, and the final exam is known to be one of the toughest exams in the world. On the other hand, ACCA is also a challenging course but is relatively easier than CA. It consists of 13 exams, which are divided into four levels. However, the pass rate for ACCA is higher than CA, making it a popular choice among students.

Course Content

CA focuses more on Indian tax laws and regulations, while ACCA covers international accounting standards. If you want to work in India, CA might be a better choice as it offers a deeper understanding of Indian tax laws. However, if you are looking for a career in international accounting, ACCA would be a better fit.


CA has a rigid course structure, and students are required to complete the course within a fixed time frame. On the other hand, ACCA offers more flexibility in terms of course duration and exam schedule. Students can choose to take the exams at their own pace and have the option to take breaks between exams.


CA is recognized only in India, while ACCA is recognized globally. If you are planning to work abroad, having an ACCA qualification can give you an edge over other candidates.


CA is generally considered to be more affordable, as the fees are regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). The cost of pursuing CA is relatively lower than ACCA. However, the expenses for coaching, study materials, and exam fees may add up to a significant amount. On the other hand, ACCA is comparatively expensive but offers more value in terms of international recognition and flexibility.

Exam Format

CA exams are conducted twice a year, and students are required to appear for the exams at a designated center. On the other hand, ACCA exams are conducted four times a year, and students have the option to take exams online or at a designated center.

In conclusion, both ACCA and CA are great qualifications to pursue in the field of accounting and finance. However, choosing between them depends on your career goals, interests, and priorities. If you want to work in India and specialize in Indian tax laws, CA might be the better choice. But, if you are looking for a career in international accounting with global recognition, ACCA might be the right fit for you. At Ikshana Learning, we offer coaching for both ACCA and CA and help students make an informed decision based on their career aspirations.

Plus, with ACCA, you get the added benefit of higher chances of finding jobs in top MNCs both in India and abroad. So, if you’re looking for a qualification that offers flexibility, international recognition, and a higher chance of landing a top job, ACCA might just be the one for you.

We hope this blog post helped you gain some insight into the differences between ACCA and CA. Do let us know in the comments which qualification you think is best for you!

~ Mohit Agarwal(ACCA, MBA, B.COM)

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