Mastering the ACCA/CMA US/CFA Exams: Top 5 Study Tips for Success


Preparing for the ACCA/CMA US/CFA exams can be challenging, especially if you're working or studying at the same time. However, with the right study techniques, you can maximize your chances of success. In this blog, we'll share our top 5 study tips for passing the exams and achieving your career goals.

Understand the Concepts and Visualize Them:

The ACCA/CMA US/CFA exams require you to understand the concepts thoroughly. It's not just about memorizing information. Visual aids such as diagrams and flowcharts can help you understand the relationships between different topics. For example, if you're studying financial reporting, create a diagram that shows the relationship between the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. This will help you understand the big picture and retain the information better.

Take Control of Your Nerves and Anxiety:

Feeling nervous before exams is natural, but it's important to manage your anxiety so that it doesn't affect your performance. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, visualization, and progressive muscle relaxation to calm your nerves. Also, make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly to reduce stress.

Solve Practice Questions:

Practice makes perfect, so make sure to solve as many practice questions as you can. This will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths, and improve your exam technique. Make use of mock exams and past papers to simulate the exam environment and familiarize yourself with the question format.

Seek Help When Needed:

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're struggling with a particular topic. You can reach out to your peers, tutors, or study groups for support. Also, make use of online resources such as forums, discussion boards, and videos to clarify your doubts.

Invest in a Study Plan:

Creating a study plan can help you stay on track and manage your time effectively. Set achievable goals, allocate time for revision, practice, and breaks, and stick to the plan. You can use online tools such as calendars and study apps to keep track of your progress.

How Ikshana Learning Can Help You:

At Ikshana Learning, we provide comprehensive study material, mock exams, and personalized guidance to help you achieve success in the ACCA/CMA US/CFA exams. Our experienced tutors use a practical approach to teaching and focus on conceptual clarity, which helps our students to retain the information better. We also offer online study sessions and forums where you can interact with other students and clear your doubts. With Ikshana Learning, you can maximize your chances of success and achieve your career goals.


Passing the ACCA/CMA US/CFA exams requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. By following these study tips and taking advantage of Ikshana Learning's resources, you can improve your chances of success and achieve your career goals. Remember to focus on conceptual clarity, manage your nerves and anxiety, solve practice questions, seek help when needed, and invest in a study plan. Good luck!

~ Mohit Agarwal(ACCA, MBA, B.COM)

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